Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Product Introduction: French Bleed, Dark Edge Eucalyptus

Taconnay Eucalyptus
Taconnay - Eucalyptus

This product, in person, is stunning. We have taken many angles, lighting shots and takes when imaging this and we are not able to capture the real look. You get a glimpse when you use the image zoom on the site to magnify into the grain. Customers in showrooms will see large displays and this floor has the look to become one of our most popular in short time. With a plank defining french bleed and a higher than standard gloss level, combined with the latest in distressed wood looks - the flat surface (no wave) with slightly distressed burmishing marks randomly and not overdone, throughout. We perfected this look last year and I am  happy to see it finally in stock. More updates coming as the containers are really moving in, Oakland warehouse is near capacity again as we ramp up for the selling season with the latest colors and styles. 

Monday, June 8, 2009

Enviro-Cork, Cobblestone hot new pattern

Cobblestone, a new cork floor in a rectangular narrow block plank design.CobblestoneCobblestone CorkCobblestone Cork

The Enviro-cork line, like most corks floors is produced using the left over cork scraps from the wine bottle industry. Cork is a renewable resource as it is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree. The tree grows new cork and is left unharmed providing the harvest was done correctly. In the past few years a fire destroyed many cork oak trees in Portugal so the material is not as abundant as it once was. 

The Enviro-cork line has a locking center fiberboard core. Cork floors are to a large extent a green flooring option. The exception to this is the fiber board core. Nothing green nor environmentally friendly about fiberboard cores regardless of how companies want to spin it. The core does make installation easy and possible for most diy'ers as it allows the product to click together and requires no adhesives to install. 

The fiberboard core has a cork underlay attached to the back of it as well. This means you need to purchase no additional underlay. This floor is starting in the low $3.00 per square foot range, you will find this is a remarkable rate if you shop around a bit. 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Product Arrival-Chiseled Teak

Chiseled TeakChiseled Teak Sitting Room
Chattered Delfino: New hand-scraping style: Chiseled Teak

A brand new arrival, now in stock in our Oakland Warehouse. This is the latest look in handscraping techniques. I was visiting the factory site while this one was being made. Time Consuming and difficult to achieve. This works in traditional settings but really excels in modern and contemporary scenes. Razor thin scrape marks running horizontal throughout the body of the plank with no surface wave. It is stunning. Inset are random charred rectangle and box shaped carvers. Typically one per box or so but they are random in nature and done by hand so no quoting me on that. With handcrafted floors like this, what you get is unique to your home, no one else has a floor exactly like it. Its like purchasing an original art piece. This floor is actually starting at under $4.00 per square foot for a full pallet. An amazing price for an authentic hand crafted heirloom that will fill every room in your home.