Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Product Introduction: French Bleed, Dark Edge Eucalyptus

Taconnay Eucalyptus
Taconnay - Eucalyptus

This product, in person, is stunning. We have taken many angles, lighting shots and takes when imaging this and we are not able to capture the real look. You get a glimpse when you use the image zoom on the site to magnify into the grain. Customers in showrooms will see large displays and this floor has the look to become one of our most popular in short time. With a plank defining french bleed and a higher than standard gloss level, combined with the latest in distressed wood looks - the flat surface (no wave) with slightly distressed burmishing marks randomly and not overdone, throughout. We perfected this look last year and I am  happy to see it finally in stock. More updates coming as the containers are really moving in, Oakland warehouse is near capacity again as we ramp up for the selling season with the latest colors and styles. 

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